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Book Rainie Howard for your speaking engagement. Serial entrepreneur, award-winning author, and humanitarian: Rainie Howard is renowned for helping people transform their lives with a focus on spiritual growth, self love and healthy relationships. Rainie Howard is a wife, mother and mentor. She has authored several books including, Addicted To Pain and You Are Enough. Rainie is sought after as a conference speaker and life/business coach.

Rainie Howard is best known for her inner strength and resilience. She has the gift of helping others quickly recover from life's difficulties. Rainie is also known for her wisdom in finding purpose in pain. Rainie Howard will inspire your audience through messages of hope, love and transformation. 

Author Rainie Howard...

Ranked one of the top bestseller toxic relationship intervention books, Addicted to Pain reveals the truths every woman needs to heal from a toxic relationship and return to a life rich with purpose and fulfillment. 

Relationship expert Rainie Howard writes this all-in-one spiritual guide to provide daily insight on toxic love addiction and a healing plan to help recover from the overwhelming effects of an abusive relationship. 

Learn how to heal from all abuse including: The verbally abusive relationship Emotionally abusive relationship Spiritual and physical abusive relationship  

Speaker Rainie Howard...

Speaker Topics Include But Not Limited To;

The Gift of Good Bye: Addressing the Aftermath Working through the process of understanding and examining the truth of ending a toxic relationship. Learn how to overcome loneliness, grief and heart break. Discover self-care and self-love strategies in the gift of good-bye.  

Toxic Love Detox: Does Real Love Exist? Through storytelling and engaging interaction, learn the difference between love and lust. Discover how to properly analyze your relationships. Learn the truth about toxic love addiction and unhealthy emotions. Get ready to gain a new outlook on love. Heal from the past and prepare and plan for future healthy relationships.  

You Are Enough: You Attract What’s In You The fear of rejection and need for validation often leads to unhealthy relationships. Separate yourself from toxic habits and emotions. Transform your mind, get off that emotional roller coaster and gain freedom by accepting and loving yourself.  

Expert Topics • Relationships • Domestic Violence • Image/Self-Esteem • Personal Development • Women Empowerment • Writing/Publishing • Leadership

Rainie Howard is the host of "The Daily Word and The Rainie Howard Show" empowering viewers and listeners through inspirational messages. She serves as Founder of several privately held companies in such industries as education, and personal development including her publishing firm Real Love Exist. In addition, Rainie founded non-profit Sisters of Hope in 2008, a 501(c)3 charitable organization that empowers young women and girls through educational and artistic programs.

Rainie and her husband Patrick Howard have been married for over 14 years. They reside in Saint Louis Missouri with their two children Bj and Aniyah. Faith and family are their top priorities and those values are reflected in all that they do.  


"Rainie Howard spoke to a group of students at multiple High Schools as a volunteer for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in St. Louis. Mrs. Howard spoke about how she started her business and also coached the students' on their business plans. The students were tremendously inspired by her story and benefited greatly from her coaching. Her presence created a natural connection with the students and they were thoroughly engaged in learning the new concepts. I highly recommend Mrs. Howard to speak to any group that is seeking to transform their mindset that sets them on a path to maximize their greatness! "-Angela L.

"Rainie Howard is taking this nation by storm! She has the seamless combination of passion, fire, relevance and a compelling connection with her audience. She's fierce and boldly confident. The knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration she shares has an audacious impact. Rainie is quickly becoming an emerging voice, sought-after expert and a talk show host household name. If you want a compelling speaker to bring your audience raging to their feet, you've got to book Rainie Howard...I've already have!" -Casaundra J.

"I have been inspired, empowered, and excelled to a greater capacity because of Rainie Howard! She helps me to see beyond tough circumstances in my life, by motivating me to look forward to the future. Through dedication and hard work, Rainie teaches me to strive for the best! Not only does Rainie Howard help me visualize my future, but she encourages me to enjoy my life's journey, which keeps me content and thankful for each day! I have learned helpful tips through Rainie that has already produced growth in my business! Her powerful words encourage me daily! Rainie Howard has truly been a blessing for me, in my personal and business life!"-Kristee R.